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Affordable Health Insurance Plans For Diabetics

Diabetic Health Insurance

Living with diabetes can be difficult. In addition to facing many serious health problems, diabetics often have serious trouble finding affordable health insurance. If you are one of the millions of diabetics who live in the United States, you probably already know how tricky it is to find inexpensive, top-quality diabetes health insurance coverage. As a diabetic, you have probably been denied coverage by the most popular low-cost insurance plans, so you are left to deal with high out-of-pocket medical expenses on your own. Before you give up hope about finding reliable health insurance for diabetics, you should familiarize yourself with your available options. A basic overview is provided below.

Diabetes Health Insurance Options

There are five broad categories of health coverage for diabetics: Medicaid, limited benefit and supplemental commercial health insurance, short-term medical insurance, guaranteed-issue individual health insurance and employer-provided group health insurance. A brief overview of each option is as follows:

Medicaid - Medicaid and other welfare health insurance plans are only available to diabetics who have completely used up all of their available assets. In other words, you have to be broke and have a very limited income in order to qualify.

Guaranteed-Issue Individual Health Insurance - Things like COBRA and HIPAA fall into this category. This type of coverage is exorbitantly expensive, so very few diabetics can afford it.

Short-Term Medical Insurance - As long as these plans are available in your state and aren't insulin dependent, you may qualify for this type of health coverage for diabetics. It lasts from one to 36 months. When it expires, you will have to seek out new coverage.

Limited Benefit and Supplemental Commercial Health Insurance - This type of diabetes health coverage is unique in that it involves a benefit amount for each covered medical expense, as opposed to a total maximum benefit. Therefore, if you have diabetes it is a worthwhile option to consider.

Employer-Provided Group Health Insurance - If you can get employer-provided group health insurance, you should definitely do so. This type of diabetes health coverage is generally the best option. However, many diabetics are unable to work full time and often don't have access to these types of plans.

On average, a diabetic's annual medical costs are 13 times higher than those of a healthy person. To make matters worse, diabetes can prevent a person from holding down the kind of job that would provide access to group health insurance. Don't give up, though. Insurance options are available. It's just a matter of looking in the right places.  Contact iCan today.

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